If you want to get in contact with Katie, you can follow her on twitter & instagram, they're both @k80ball.She won't be using tumblr for awhile. The one who will be running this blog is: Sell0utt

Anonymous said: Thanks for making me see sense

No problem and even tho I won’t be here on Katie’s blog for long, you guys can always ask me on my blog and I’ll be happy to talk or help out with anything!
-Sara (sell0utt)

Anonymous said: Just reading some of your ask and have to say your are 100% the best at giving them people advice take a career in it seriously 👌😊

Hahah Forrrealll? Wow thanks man that’s really sweet of you 😊😉👌

Anonymous said: My girl is so perfect and nothing wrong but it's just this girl is beautiful idk

Get a grip. I bet your current gf is more beautiful inside and out.

Anonymous said: hii, so I have this girlfriend who I love to death but lately things have been off, we barely talk, she lives farther away and some other stuff.. someone else recently started to flirt with me and things along those lines and now I'm torn about what to to :/ help!?

Well sometimes relationships just over technology doesn’t work for everyone. If you really care for your gf try to make an effort to see her. I promise you’ll know when you guys hangout. Good luck man!

Anonymous said: Yo dr. Sara I need some advice. So I dated this girl for a month and then on our one month I sent her 50$ strawberrys and she broke up with me a day after. Then realized she needed me. I gave her a chance but now it's September and I don't feel the same. All I feel is hurt and like I wanna puke. Idk what to do because she'd rather be on twitter and not text me back. She will go days w/out talking to me. Help? We've had this issue before and idk if I can handle breaking up with her.

She needs to get her shit together. Other than realizing what she’s got the second you threaten to leave her. She either just didn’t let herself get over you fully and gave into it or she just thinks she needs you. Idk maybe you guys are meant to be something, but it’s not gonna work until she knows what she wants first, Bc it’s not fair for her to use you like that.

Anonymous said: I've got this perfect gf and there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for her, but lately she's been really touchy feely and really sexual and I haven't really been in the mood. It's not that I'm not attracted to her or anything I just don't feel like having sex but I don't want her to think I don't want her. What do I do?

Let her know mannnnnnn. I can’t stress enough how important it is to let your partner know how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind. I’m sure she won’t get upset over something little like that. Everyone gets in those moods at least once man. Don’t fret

Anonymous said: What are the signs that tells you that a lesbian is into u?

If she would rather hangout with you than eat some food, she wants the pussy. #Wisewords

Anonymous said: Hey ok so this girl in school is bi and she told me loads of times that she is I only started talking to her recently and I actually want her so bad like dam she said we should met up but she's my girlfriends cousin I know it's wrong but what do I do😫

Don’t meet up with her till you get whatever’s wrong with u and your gfs situation settled.and tell this new girl that. if she likes you enough, she’ll wait.

Anonymous said: Thanks, it took me alot time to find out my talent. Here you have another one: I'm looking to buy a new boomerang, how can I throw the old one out?

Lololololol I literally asked my friend what a boomerang was Bc I thought it was slang for a bong or someshit but when I read it outloud I got it and laughed Lolol good one. But I would just lay it down in a dark ally then run away 😉😏

Anonymous said: A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

Wow what great knowledge you have lol

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